Tips Tuesday

Here’s my tip for today!


I am a nutcase for going anywhere near a shopping store, mall ect… these last few days. Talk about a madhouse. I am pretty sure I almost got shot over a parking spot, I lost my pinkie toe in a shopping cart collision and lost the race for the next spot in line to a harassed looking older lady carting 2 crying toddlers and a sleeping infant. There was a moment where I reached for the same size medium sweater as another women and I am positive I saw her fangs come out… I let go of the shirt for fear of losing a few chunks of skin.

I should have started this months ago so I could avoid the absurdity known as Christmas shopping but I procrastinated as always and now I am paying the price ( in blood) for my horrific mistake.

So once again my tip for today…. shop for christmas early and avoid the stores in December.

Good luck and watch your limbs!


Tips Tuesday.

me super sick!

Being incredibly sick for the last few days has kept me in bed and away from anything tech related, so since my brain is a mess of NyQuil infused mush I am going to make my tips for this Tuesday short and to the point!  Antibacterial hand sanitizer is your friend!!!!  Invest in tiny to-go bottles ( ) they are called pocketbacs and they are wonderful!!! That and some OJ and hopefully you won’t be up to your ears in Puffs like myself!

Smells yummy and protects against germies!

Stay healthy!


Tuesdays Tips!

Weddings basics 101…. here’s a quick tip to help your planning go a little smoother. This may sound simple but get organized!!!!  You do not need a 20 pound bridal binder, however get a small notebook or folder to keep your most important stuff organized in. I am not speaking of color swatches and photos of your favorite flowers, I am speaking of the legal BINDING contracts you sign when you recruit your vendors.  Make sure you keep all the copies of the documents that you sign when you agree to use their services, it’s important to know deadlines for payments and dates for when final decisions need to be made. Make sure you read these carefully and always have a copy of it with you when you meet with your vendor. Remember unnecessary surprises can put a damper on your big day! Know where your money is going and make sure you always get all contracts in writing!!!


Happy Planning!