Tuesdays Tips.

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What do you do with a dress you are never gonna wear again but can’t bear to part with? Here’s a thought, Have it made into a quilt!  What better reminder of your commitment to one another then to see it hanging on your wall or better yet sleep underneath it every night. Turning your wedding dress into a quilt is a great way to repurpose one of your most cherished items and it creates a great family heirloom that can be passed down to children.

Don’t be afraid to chop it up!!!!!!!


Tuesdays Tips!

Weddings basics 101…. here’s a quick tip to help your planning go a little smoother. This may sound simple but get organized!!!!  You do not need a 20 pound bridal binder, however get a small notebook or folder to keep your most important stuff organized in. I am not speaking of color swatches and photos of your favorite flowers, I am speaking of the legal BINDING contracts you sign when you recruit your vendors.  Make sure you keep all the copies of the documents that you sign when you agree to use their services, it’s important to know deadlines for payments and dates for when final decisions need to be made. Make sure you read these carefully and always have a copy of it with you when you meet with your vendor. Remember unnecessary surprises can put a damper on your big day! Know where your money is going and make sure you always get all contracts in writing!!!


Happy Planning!