Traditional or Outdated? You decide!


Still here and still opinionated as ever… check out this article I found below  

“7 wedding tradions that should die”
I don’t totally agree with all of these but I am firmly in favor of #’s 1, 2, 6 and 7. 

Next week, I give my reasons why!

As always opinions welcome!


One thought on “Traditional or Outdated? You decide!

  1. Brooke, I totally agree on 1,2.6, and 7; probably for a lot of the same reasons. Both the white (or not) dress and the father give away should be a bride’s personal choice, not something expected or insisted on. The dress should be the most gorgeous, drop dead, dress of the bride’s dreams, whatever style and color that happens to be. It might be white, but I don’t think it should HAVE to be. I’ve seen brides ‘given away’ by mothers, uncles and children. Maybe it’s just a poor choice of words for any year after 1972. I like to think it just means that everyone is happy with the choice of spouse.
    The absolute best bride picks a color scheme and lets the bridesmaids dress themselves. They’ve been doing it for years and know what looks good. And, please, leave the poor groomsmen out of the frou frou.

    That’s my rant. Thanks.

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