The day I married my best friend!

The day I married my best friend!

Dear readers,
I know I am still fairly new to this blogging thing and I am supposed to be a wedding pro but I have come across a question of my own that i just can’t seem to answer. My husband Shawn and I chose to do a small, quick wedding back in June, we got engaged in the end of March. There were a lot of reasons to why we didn’t want to wait more than a few months to get married and to why we wanted to do a small wedding ( think 20 people small). I will never regret that decision and that day was the best day of my life but we did give up certain things and missed out on a few moments. That being said it’s been expected that we have a reception on our 1 year anniversary so that we can celebrate with the guests that didn’t attend the ceremony and also it allows us the opportunity to get back special moments ( first dance, toasts ect..) that we missed the first time around. When we first discussed doing a small wedding we always intended to hold a large reception a year later, that was the plan! However after over half a year of marriage it is starting to seem unimportant. Things like buying a house and having a baby are more pressing issues and I am having a hard time justifying the money for a reception when I am a year deep in my marriage. The problem is all of our friends and family that weren’t invited to the ceremony already feel slighted and I don’t want to cause anymore hurt feelings then I already have. What to do in a situation like this?
I find myself at a loss and considering I almost always have the answer when it comes to this type of stuff I feel like I am traveling foreign waters.
Comments and suggestions are most appreciated especially if anyone who follows has been in a similiar situation, and to my family and friends please don’t hesitate to be honest.

Thanks for the help!

8 thoughts on “Help!!!!!!!!!

  1. Brook, We can always have it at Uncle Tony’s and My home. We have lots of room and a big barn and bar lol. We can do it cheap and easy we can call it a pot luck and everyone bring a dish and we can make a cake also. But if that dont work we can always have a great big baby shower when it happens all my love always Aunt Kin

  2. It looks you somewhat feel guilty for not inviting some of your loved one but at the same time, you are facing the reality about not spending so much money right now. You have to be strong and be honest with yourself, if you can’t afford or maybe there are other things to do with your money, forget about the reception. You and your husband made an important decision to get married and you are, which is all that matters. You don’t have to focus so much on the reception idea, in the nearest future, you will have reasons to invite people for maybe house warming, baby parties or wedding anniversaries. Even if you do a reception, someone somewhere is still going to get mad that they were not invited. I hope this helps.

  3. While it’s great to be able to share with others one of the most important events of your life, I can also understand that once everything is said and done and you have accomplished the actual goal of getting married, it can be difficult to find the reasons as to why you should go back and have a large reception. You and Shawn did what you wanted to do, and that was to get married. Sometimes you can’t please everyone. The main thing is that you are both happy with celebrating your union the way you did, and it’s your personal (and financial) choice to not have a huge reception. There are plenty more events down the road that you can include extended friends and family in; a house warming BBQ when the both of you decide on your dream home, a baby shower, baptisms, graduations, etc. If there are certain individuals that have expressed their feelings towards being slighted, explain to them how you’re both content with your decisions, and that it was never an intention to hurt others. Is it possible, too, that *you* just feel as though you’ve slighted others, when really not everyone feels that way? Regardless, you’re a wonderful person with a beautiful, kind and generous heart, and I think your friends and family love you no matter what! Maybe this wasn’t helpful, but I tried. Love you! xoxo

    • Laura,
      Thanks for the advice, it’s very helpful. I think I need to focus on the important stuff and not get caught up in what others think ( or what I think they think!).
      I am good with my decision to have a smaller wedding and the purpose was to “be married” not “get married”.
      Thanks for showing me the other side!
      Love you!

  4. I would have a cocktail party at your house with heavy hors-d’oeuvres and invite all … Much more intimate and still affords you the ability to create special moments – at your own home!!! with all of those who are so important to you!!!

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