Tuesdays Tips!

Feeling much better thanks for asking!!!!  This week’s tip is regarding your wedding ring’s. With all the hoopla and details that go into the planning and prep for your wedding there is a small detail that should not be overlooked. Ring insurance!!!  This is more important than it sounds when you go from a bare finger to wearing a couple of thousand on one hand it’s not easy to get used to. Banging and knocking your ring for the first couple of months is totally normal and happens more often than you would think, it took me weeks to get used to the weight and feel of a ring on my finger that I never took off.  Bearing that in mind make sure as soon as you get engaged the first call that you make is to your insurance company, get a rider to whatever existing insurance you currently have wether it be homeowners or renters. The cost to add a ring is minimal but if and when you damage your ring they will completely cover any repairs or replacements necessary. I have had my ring on my hand since late March and sure as anything I have already had it in for repairs, I knocked my hand hard enough to loosen a diamond and it fell out. Hopefully that’s the worst thing that will happen but bearing in mind I intend to wear this thing another 60+ years it’s unlikely that’s the only time I will be taking it into the jewelers. Thankfully all I have had to deal with is some damage, heaven forbid a loss takes place your rider will cover that too. Before you chose your venue, cake and dress make sure you choose coverage that is right for you!


Play it safe,




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