Creatively Impaired

Ah how I envy creative people like Martha Stewart, Candice Olson and Ty Pennington. They can take unused crap that lays around your house and turn it into something amazing!  Old letters and photos become a découpage piece of artwork, unused wood lying behind your shed becomes a one of a kind coffee table, honestly I wouldn’t believe it was possible if I didn’t have friends (and 2 annoyingly darling little sisters) who are capable of making that kind of magic happen.  I love the end result of these types of projects but I wouldn’t even know where to start. If you drew me a step by step map on the how to’s of making unique pieces I would get frustrated half way thru, throw down my paintbrush and end up at Target shopping for something to soothe my beat-up confidence.

Never fear creatively impaired people of the world I have found a solution!!! Well at least for your wedding invitations!!!

Want something creative and unique but don’t have a crafty bone in your body try

This site allows use to use preset invitations but change things like, font color and structure so that it’s uniquely yours! They have hundreds of different layouts and the choices and options seem endless. They are awesome for any type of invitations or even notecards and thank you’s. If your like me and like to still send hand-written thank you’s then check these guys out because you can personalize it to make it yours.

Perfect for the creatively impaired!


Happy shopping!



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