Always @Farinas!

Blogging! Ok here it goes!!!!  After much thought and debate the name suddenly popped into my head Brooke@Farinas… of course its perfect because I always seem to be @Farinas!!!!  Let me start by saying, I am not a writer… never have been, so please be kind when reading my blog because I am sure mistakes and errors in grammar will be abound.  The decision to do a blog came after my own wedding back in June. Going thru the process myself has given me a whole new perspective on my clients and what they go thru while planning their own weddings. I thought being a planner for a living would make it easy but there is a whole world of problems and issues I had  no idea about. My hope with my blog is t o give realistic suggestions and ideas (as well as opinions) on how to navigate the murky waters of throwing a large-scale event. Along the way I would like to throw in Tips, suggestions and ideas as well as a few funny stories! If you are looking for David Tutera style magic or Bridezillas drama, this blog is not for you but if honest advice, real life experience and some good old-fashioned humor is what you need then feel free to follow along!!!

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Thanks for reading!!!!


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